The Return of the Prodigal Blogger

Okay, so it’s been a while.  It’s been so long that I’ve probably lost most of my original readership.  With the exception of some loyal family members, I get to start from scratch.  I’ll try to see it as an opportunity.

I don’t want to get into too much detail as to why I’ve been so absent from my blog, but in case there are still some die-hard followers, I’d like to give a little explanation.  I will sum up, for anyone who is wondering, the events of the last year:

Last April, my husband and I bought a house, which was a long, arduous, and tooth-gritting process.  My heart was broken twice by things that could not be.  We successfully acquired a house on our third try, which was in the town we really had hoped to live in all along, unlike the first two.

this is one of the last photos I took of her.

this is one of the last photos I took of her.

Some sad things have happened.  During the final part of our real estate debacle, I had to watch the sudden and rapid decline of my beloved cat companion, Brownie.  Then I had to make the awful choice to end her suffering.

I don’t want to get into it any further.  I’m still working through it.  She was with me for almost 17 full years.  It was hard.  Moving into the new house without her was very bittersweet.

Then, because apparently life wasn’t quite challenging enough yet, I recently lost two very dear family members, both of them my mother’s siblings, in quick succession.  Neither of them were entirely expected, one much less so than the other.

This has been a difficult 6 months.  Actually, it’s been a difficult year.

Here's proof that I've actually been doing work.

Here’s proof that I’ve actually been doing work.

There has been ongoing renovation of our house to keep things interesting.  It wasn’t in bad shape, but it wasn’t clean AT ALL when we bought it, and it definitely needed some alterations to make it work for us.  (The house was split into two residences, so we had to open up a wall to connect an in-law apartment to the rest of the house, so that we could have use of two bathrooms without having to go outside and re-enter through a different door.)

We put a lot of work into making the upstairs ready for us before we moved in, sanding and cleaning and painting.  Now we are in the midst of a total kitchen overhaul, which feels like a terrible decision most days.

In the middle of all the chaos, I took a temporary job in the office of the company my husband works for, filling in for a woman who took maternity leave.  Most of the time, that also felt like a terrible decision.  It was only for a couple of months, but I had been happily, intentionally unemployed for a few years up until now.  Having a job again was quite an adjustment.  I’m awfully glad to be back home.

I ended my job at the beginning of November, which would have given me plenty of time to work on my National Novel Writing Month book, if family tragedy hadn’t struck, requiring travel and time to grieve.  The novel won’t be finished by December, but I will finish it.  My plan is to have it done before my 30th birthday in May.  This ought to give me plenty of wiggle room for putting together what I hope will be my first published work.

I’m optimistic about it, but the going is slow right now.  I have to drag myself to the desk these days, and fend off some very compelling distractions once I make it there.

I did manage to earn enough money at my temp job to buy the MacBook I’d been coveting for many months.  It’s a thing of great power and beauty, not to mention speed.  It can be difficult to get any work done on it while it’s just sitting there being so awesome, and I know there are endless cool things I can do with it.

See all the cool things?  So many cool things.

See all the cool things? So many cool things.

I have to remind myself that I bought it specifically for my writing, since my laptop was letting me down in a big way.  Now I can use WordPress much more easily, as well as edit photos that I want to use in my blogs, and manage all my social media.  (Take a peek at my Facebook page if you want to see a better picture of my lovely new computing machine, and the cheap table it’s sitting on!)

My iPad was great to get me by while I didn’t have a computer, but I just couldn’t bring myself to write anything other than emails and Facebook posts with it.  Now I have very few excuses left for being a delinquent blogger.

On that note, I’m going to wrap this up, so as to leave myself more things to say later.

I plan on coming back soon.  Thanks for reading!


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5 Comments on “The Return of the Prodigal Blogger”

  1. asyrell says:

    Hi Elizabeth,

    I am on Facebook with your mother and father so I know how rough the past 6 months have been. Your Aunt Lois and Uncle Fred are my husband Tim’s parents. We’ve enjoyed visiting with your family when they’ve attended the —— Family gatherings. I love seeing the photos that your mom has been sharing and it gives me just a hint of how much I’ve missed by not knowing more of your mom’s family.

    I am so glad that you are back on the blog though. I truly enjoy reading the blog. I admire the way you use language and that makes me wait with baited breath for your novel! Anyone who’s words can make me see pictures is doing very well indeed. Tim used to be almost offended when I told him that his musical compositions would bring pictures to my mind. I never brought it up again until he began to compose pieces intended to produce pictures. I hope that you aren’t offended that I see the pictures you write about.

    We had 2 of our original 3 cats until they were 19 and 21 years old. The same vet took care of them for us since their kitten hood. He donated money in each of their names to the feline arm of Cornell’s vet college. We don’t allow our cats outside and I firmly believe that is why they live so long. The third of the original trio behaved more like a dog than a cat. If someone came here to do some work, Brandy would go over the tools and take away her favorite. She would also overeat like a dog and would eat anything in her path. Our house was hit by lightning and the foundation had to be excavated and reinforced. The construction company reinforced the interior of the basement with block bond, which is concrete with fiberglass in it. Brandy ate what dropped on the floor. Shortly thereafter she got very ill. No one at the vet’s office had any idea what was wrong. Our vet asked one of his assistants to draw a blood sample. Instead the assistant got a syringe of what looked like a strawberry milkshake. It was lymphatic fluid and no one should’ve been able to get a needle into those vessels. Very quickly Brandy could only breathe in an oxygen chamber. The vet said that he would do surgery but he wouldn’t wake Brandy back up unless he could give her a better life. Additionally, Brandy would need a minimum of 2 blood transfusions prior to that surgery. We had to choose to put her to sleep. We couldn’t even be with her when the vet gave her the injection as she couldn’t breathe out of the oxygen chamber. Brandy was the best kitty we ever loved.

    Now we have an English Setter that we rescued when he was approximately 3 and a half. He is now about 7 and a half. I don’t know who rescued who! Our precious 1st dog, Penny had died about 6 months before we began the process of applying to get him from Above and Beyond. We also have a pair of tuxedo cat brothers that turned 9 this year. Tim says they are just like he and his brothers. They have awesome wrestling matches! We keep calming collars on them now and know when they need new ones by the amount of fur we find in the morning.

    Please keep blogging. It is warming for all us readers!

    Amy ——

    • Amy, thank you so much for this! (I hope you don’t mind that I edited out your last name for privacy.)

      I’m really flattered that you get so much out of what I write. Thanks for taking the time to tell me. It means a lot. :) So does your story about Brandy. I’m amazed that you had your kitties for so long. I agree, keeping Brownie inside was such a huge part of why I was blessed with her companionship for so long.

      I’m definitely going to keep blogging, and you’ll know when my first book comes out for sure! Thanks again :)

  2. sagescenery says:

    Welcome back! So sad you’re without your beloved Brownie, while adjusting to renovations in your new home, playing catch-up after going back to work for awhile, and losing loved ones…praying that blogging and writing on your cool new computer will be the start of a great new year! I’m glad when people explain why they haven’t blogged…life happens…to all of us! God Bless!

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