Poor Planning and Silver Linings

I did not set myself up for success today, and I’m paying for it now. I’m in a bit of a mood, and it’s too dark to go for a walk.

I suppose I could walk through town, but I really wanted to walk in the woods today because we got some snow, and I lost track of time. This daylight savings thing always trips me up.

I ended up heading to the grocery store and generally slipping deeper into my funk, culminating with getting out of the car back at the house and discovering that somehow the lace on one of my snow boots had become severed during my trip.

At least it waited to give out entirely until I got home – walking around the store with a floppy, untied boot would have made my mood even worse. Silver lining!

I was very happy about the snow this morning. I got up earlier than usual to ride along with my husband to his job, so that I could drive his car back. My Subaru is at the mechanic’s right now, and I don’t like being stuck without a vehicle, especially when the cupboards are getting bare.

On the way to Chris’s work, I said to him that I wished it would snow soon, and within minutes we drove into a flurry of nice, fluffy flakes. What power I have! I can summon snow! I’ll try to use it responsibly.

It accumulated on the road quickly, and coated everything that had been drab, dull, and dead-looking, making the world appear fresh and clean again.

I’m like a kid when it snows. Every grumpy snow-hating person I know has told me I’ll stop liking it when I have to shovel it, but I’ve been the primary shoveler at our house for 3 winters now, and I’m not sick of it yet.

It got a little old the winter before last, when we had an excessive amount of snow – the pile in our tiny front yard became a mountain and obscured the view from our single ground-floor window on that wall of the house. It still didn’t ruin snow for me.

So, I was very happy at the prospect of going out in the snow at some point in the late morning or early afternoon… and yet, I managed to procrastinate enough to completely deny myself that opportunity.

At least I got to admire it out the windows during the day.


I even had a crow visitor picking at the birdseed we put out on the roof of our basement bulkhead, and after I scared it by coming near the window, it flew further off and seemed to find half of a hotdog bun in the neighbor’s yard. I have no idea how it got out there, but there it was. Good find, crow!


Well, I’m hoping I’ll have plenty of other chances to get out and admire the evergreens dusted with white before spring comes. That’s one of my favorite things about the dark half of the year. I’m a sucker for snow-covered pines.

I have snowshoes that I bought for last winter and never even got to try, because we had so little accumulation. This year, I’m crossing my fingers that we’ll get some sort of happy medium.

As for tonight, I’ll try to just be glad I have a cozy house to shelter me from the cold. Also, my cat is on my desk, being extra lovey since he wants wet food. I’ll happily take the nose pushes and tail dragging across my neck, whatever the motive.

2 Comments on “Poor Planning and Silver Linings”

  1. Levity says:

    I too have found myself still inside at the tail-end of a day, annoyed that it’s getting darker and danker and less inviting. So I said “Enough already!!” a few years back. Now my 1st priority every day is getting outside, greeting the day, the trees, the birds… walking the block or driving to a favorite ramble for a pleasurable wander. And everything else always falls into place – or falls away entirely. I’ll be looking for you Beth!!

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